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Man charged in ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters

A man accused of sending letters promoting “Punish a Muslim Day” and urging people around Britain to commit violent acts was charged on Thursday with 14 offenses including soliciting to murder, British counter-terrorism police said.…

Letters show Einstein’s marriage formula was off beam

LONDON: Albert Einstein may have been a genius when it came to the world of physics -- but the magic formula for marriage eluded him, according to letters up for auction at Christie's. The man behind the theory of relativity was on less…

How safe is it to dine out?

Stepping into a posh restaurant I had the opinion that I will be served high quality food, at least the ambiance made me believe so. From the immaculate dining lounge to the shining crockery and silverware everything was just perfect.

Pakistan’s Darkest Day

Yesterday, Tuesday 16th December 2014, 132 pupils, 9 staff were killed and 125 injured at Peshawar’s Army Public School.  Indeed it is Pakistan’s darkest day, a new depth has been reached.  Words cannot express the horrific events that took…