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Childhood death of sibling might affect survivor’s lifespan

COPENHAGEN: Death of a sibling in childhood is associated with a greater risk of early death in the surviving brother or sister, researchers say. "The public should be aware of children’s vulnerability after experiencing sibling loss, especially in the first year and for siblings of same sex or close age,” Dr. Yongfu Yu from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark told Reuters Health by email. “Tailored social support may help to reduce the level of grief and minimize potential adverse health effects on the bereaved…

Humans have reached their lifespan limit: study

PARIS: No one might ever challenge the 122-year record of the longest-living person in documented history, said a study Wednesday which claimed to have found a "ceiling" to maximum human lifespan. Sifting through demographic data from more than 40 countries around the world, New York-based researchers found that an end to the long-running rise in maximum lifespan "has already been attained", in the 1990s. The plateau was reached in about 1997 -- the year that Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment died at the unbeaten age of 122 years…

Sun may determine lifespan at birth

PARIS: In an unusual study published Wednesday, Norwegian scientists said people born during periods of solar calm may live longer, as much as five years on average, than those who enter the world when the Sun is feisty.