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lion attack

Two men badly injured by lion prowling in Murree

MURREE: In a rare incident, two men were badly injured after a lion attacked them in Kuldana area in Murree. According to reports, both the men were immediately shifted to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Murree after the big cat attack. They were passing by the road in Kuldana area when the wild animal emerged from the bushes and attacked both of the passers-by. Doctors at the THQ referred the injured men to Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi. The men were identified as Muhammad Baseer and Umar Riaz.…

Lion brutally attacks owner who cared for him for a decade

PRETORIA: In a tragic incident caught on camera, a wildlife park owner was wounded by a lion after he entered the animal’s cage at the Marakele Predator Park in South Africa. The 67-year-old man named Mike Hodge was rushed to the hospital with injuries on the neck and jaw, according to a Daily Mail report. A video of the incident was also shot by onlookers, where Hodge could be first seen entering the animal’s enclosure and then trying to run away from it. Unfortunately, as he wasn’t fast enough, the lion caught hold…