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lion cubs

South African lion cubs conceived artificially in world first

Watching the two little lion cubs boisterously play with each other at a conservation centre outside of South Africa's capital Pretoria, it's hard to see anything out of the ordinary. But these cubs are unique. "These are the first ever lion cubs to be born by means of artificial insemination — the first such pair anywhere in the world," announced the University of Pretoria, whose scientists are researching the reproductive system of female African lions. The two cubs, a male and female, born on August 25 are…

Zoo kills nine healthy lion cubs because ‘they were getting too big’

A Swedish zoo has said it euthanised healthy lion cubs because it could no longer keep them and they were ‘surplus’. Boras Djurpark, an animal park around 25 miles from Gothenberg, admitted it had put down nine healthy lion in last five years. Chief executive of the park, Bo Kjellson, said healthy animals sometimes had to be euthanised if they were rejected by their pride, or cannot be re-homed elsewhere. “I think they were killed after two years,” Mr Kjellson told Swedish broadcaster SVT. “At that time we…