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Earthquake safety: 9 things to do during and after quake

Earthquakes are just too common these days. What can a person do against such a natural disaster, which wields damage to epic proportions? Seems like people can't survive it, right? WRONG. Earthquakes are a difficult situation to tackle, but you can escape without injury or hurting yourself much if you implement a couple of safety procedures. Humans still are vulnerable to natural disasters and calamities however, we can take steps to minimize the damages. Just today, an earthquake jolted India, Afghanistan and Pakistan…

Five fantastic uses for lip balm you didn’t know about

Lip balm is a must-have product in winter which is normally applied to help prevent or relieve cracking of dry lips. However, there are some surprising uses of this product in our daily lives other than healing chapped lips. Removing a stuck ring Sometimes removing a ring becomes a headache. There are several domestically discovered tips to remove a ring including using soap. But who would like to go to bathroom straightaway in cold weather. If you face such a situation take out your lip balm from your cosmetic…