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Line of Control (LOC) refers to the military control line between the Indian and Pakistani controlled parts of the former princely territory of Jammu and Kashmir a line which doesn’t establish a lawfully perceived worldwide boundary.

The Control Line separated Kashmir into two sections and shut the Jehlum valley course, the main passageway and exit of the Kashmir Valley around then. This regional division (military control line), which right up ’til today still exists, cut off numerous towns and isolated relatives from one another.

Despite a ceasefire agreement, the skirmishes across borders did not stop. Both countries exchanged fires across border (LoC) many times even after the agreement. In fact, with time the incidents are increasing which may lead the nuclear rivals towards another war.

The history of peace among both countries is not much appreciable. They have already fought two main wars against each other. Almost on daily basis, we are hearing the news of cross border clashes between them, which are mostly initiated by India.