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Pakistan’s entertainment industry: Here’s what went viral in 2017

Unlike every year, 2017 had some different crisp, sensation and turnarounds for Pakistan entertainment industry in particular and the celebrities in general. Thanks to social media being catalyst for change, some times a good one, some times the otherwise. Controversies are in fact a regular feature in the world of entertainment. Some of them surrounding our showbiz gems like Mahira Khan, Noor, Humera Arshad and Fariha Pervez hogged in the spotlight this year and remained a popular fodder for the media industry. We…

Shaan narrates his ‘love at first sight’ story

"I was coming out of the the room and she was coming in, she passed and there were violins all over the place, I waited for her to turn her head and see me back and she did," Shaan Shahid said about her first love, her wife Amina. In an interview with ARY News' The Morning Show', Shaan revealed as to how he met Amina and chose to marry her. "We met at an art gallery. She was learning how to paint and her teacher was producing a film with me and I was conducting the class in her absence.When I first saw her (Amina), I…