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long queues

Eiffel tower to reopen after strike over long queues

PARIS: The Eiffel Tower plans to test a new access policy for visitors after management reached a deal to end a strike by workers complaining of "monstrous" waits at the Paris landmark. The monument reopened Friday after workers walked off the job Wednesday to protest at a new access policy that allocates separate lifts to visitors with pre-booked tickets and those who buy them on site. The tower now sets aside half of daily tickets for internet customers, who must choose specific time slots for their visit, up from…

Indian banks reopen to long queues after rupee withdrawal

NEW DELHI: Long queues formed outside banks in India on Thursday as they reopened for the first time since the government's shock decision to withdraw the two largest denomination notes from circulation. Some banks in the capital New Delhi had received the new 2,000 rupee ($30) bill and a number of ATMs were working again, two days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes would no longer be legal tender in a blitz against tax evasion and corruption. Modi's Tuesday evening bombshell…