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Kim Jong Un lookalike detained at Singapore airport

SINGAPORE: An Australian comedian known for impersonating North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he was detained by Singapore’s authorities on Friday and questioned about his political views, before being allowed into the country. The incident came just days before the city-state hosts high stakes talks between U.S. and North Korea’s leaders. Howard X, who declined to give his real name, told Reuters he was detained for two hours and questioned for around 30 minutes when he arrived in the early morning hours at…

Kim Jong Un lookalike set to make impression at summit

HONG KONG: As the world awaits the historic summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, one man who has risen to prominence for his impressions of the North Korean leader is preparing for his own appearance in Singapore. The Hong Kong-based Kim impersonator, who goes by the name Howard X, will take part in an alternative summit on the sidelines of the meeting between the US president and Kim, scheduled for Tuesday. In recent months Howard has worked the international circuit and appeared at the Pyeongchang Winter…

Meghan Markle’s lookalike Gets Confused For The Duchess Four Times Per Week

ARIZONA: The Hollywood princess Meghan Markle has a lookalike! A 33-year-old Arizona woman named Danielle Harris is a complete copy of the Duchess of Sussex that she gets confused for Prince Harry’s new bride at least four times per week. If I had $5 for everyone who has said I look like her over the last 12 months, I would be so rich.” In addition to the obvious resemblance, both women have freckles and are mixed-race. Danielle Harris is a 33-year-old from the U.S. who is claiming she gets mistaken for Meghan Markle at…