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Apple to issue fix for iPhones, Macs at risk from ‘Spectre’ chip flaw

Apple will release a patch for the Safari web browser on its iPhones, iPads and Macs within days, it said on Thursday, after major chipmakers disclosed flaws that leave nearly every modern computing device vulnerable to hackers. Browser makers Google, Microsoft and Mozilla's Firefox all confirmed to Reuters that the patches they currently have in place do not protect iOS users. With Safari and virtually all other popular browsers not patched, hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users may have no secure means of…

Microsoft to disable older versions of Skype from March

Microsoft announced on Friday that users running older versions of Skype will no longer be able to sign in beginning March 1. This includes users for Windows desktop (7.16 and below) or Skype for Mac (7.0 to 7.18). These users will have to download a new update to continue using the messaging service. The company said that changes are necessary and must be made along the way because it wants to provide users with the best possible Skype experience. It said that the company has been focusing efforts to transition…