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Madhya Pradesh

Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh urge India’s supreme court to permit ban on screening of controversial film ‘Padmaavat’

NEW DELHI: The Indian Supreme Court will hear an appeal on Tuesday against a controversial Bollywood film, for the second time in as many weeks, as two states seek to re-impose a ban on the movie, based on an epic poem about a 14th-century queen. The film “Padmaavat” ran into trouble after groups critical of the project accused its director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, of distorting history by portraying a Muslim ruler as the “lover” of Queen Padmavati of the Hindu Rajput warrior clan. Monday’s action comes after the…

VIDEO: Indian parents throw kids into cow dung for ‘good luck’

A bizarre ritual takes place in Betul of Indian state Madhya Pradesh where parents toss their children in cow dung as they believe that the ritual brings good luck. As many would find it baffling to put one's little child in a pile of cow dung, it surely does not bewilder the townsfolk of Betul in Madhya Pradesh. People in Betul believe that tossing their children in cow dung would turn out to be beneficial as it helps in keeping them away from diseases or many sort of ailments. It is also believed to bring them…

Elephant walks to beetle shop everyday to get its favourite paan

The internet loves an elephant that has become famed for its bizarre habit of eating his favourite paan from the same shop everyday in Madhya Pradesh, India. This elephant has been chewing paan for around 13 to 14 years now. The mahout says that he rides into town on the elephant every day. On his way, he halts at a particular paan shops and at times other shop owners also signals the animal to offer him ‘free paan’. No wonder these paan shop owners love this adorable guest who visits their shop regularly. Watch them…