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Male Hollywood stars must take pay cuts says Salma Hayek

CANNES, France: Hollywood star Salma Hayek said Sunday that male stars will have to take pay cuts if they are serious about equality for women. The Mexican-born actress, a leading voice in the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, said highly-paid male stars would have to make sacrifices. "It is not just the producers" who have to change if the huge pay gap is to be closed. "It is actors too," she said. "Time's up. You had a good run but it is time now to be generous with the actresses," she told a Women in Motion talk at…

Undersea mystery: seahorse genetic secrets unveiled

WASHINGTON: Scientists have unlocked some of the genetic secrets of the weird and wondrous seahorse including its exotic eccentricity of male pregnancy. Researchers said they have sequenced the genome of a seahorse species for the first time and identified the genetic underpinning for certain peculiarities in this equine-looking fish group that inhabits coastal waters around the world. Seahorses boast a host of oddities. Males, not females, carry and give birth to babies. They swim upright, not horizontally.…