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Dominica’s beloved wildlife still shaky a year after Maria

ROSEAU: 'Sad' parrots and 'stressed-out' frogs might be unlikely contenders for concern in the aftermath of a catastrophic natural disaster. But the fate of two of Dominica's most prized species are still a source of worry a year after Hurricane Maria tore apart the tiny Caribbean island. Dominica's famously lush forests are slowly coming back to life after the worst destruction in the country's history, prompting a return of the intriguing creatures that call them home. The sisserou parrot and the mountain chicken…

US issues ‘last-minute visa’ to Maria desperately in need of surgery

ISLAMABAD: The US Embassy in the federal capital finally issued a last-minute visa to Maria, an ailing six-year-old girl from Rawalpindi desperately in need of surgery in the United States. Shahidullah, the father of Maria, said his family was ‘so happy’ after hearing the news and thanked friends and supporters world over who helped them. Maria’s father, who owns a shop selling blankets in Rawalpindi, campaigned for nearly four years seeking treatment for Maria, who suffers from a genetic disorder known as ‘Morquio…