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Chinese martial artists take the bull by the horns

When 21-year-old Chinese martial artist Li Zhen first stepped into the ring to wrestle an adult bull he was naturally intimidated. "I was pretty scared. It's a bull, after all," he said. He risked having a leg snapped under the animal's weight, being gored, or trampled. But Li's training got him over those fears and he is now one of a group of Wushu, or kung fu, athletes who train in bull wrestling at the Haihua Martial Arts Centre, about 100 kilometres (62 miles) southwest of Shanghai. A traditional sport of…

WATCH: These martial art experts teach you how to defend against United Airlines staff

The video of United Airlines Staff violently dragging a passenger out of the plane went viral on the social media, drawing backlash towards the airliner for it brutal treatment to a passenger. The airliner eventually apologized the internet is still to get mum over what happened.  In an amazing video, Ju-Jitsu (a form of martial art) teachers and brothers Ryrion and Rener Gracie have used the United Airlines debacle to show off how one might get free from someone dragging you by your feet. The Gracies have six…