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Smaller bats, sendings-off among new cricket laws

LONDON: Cricket's law-makers are to limit bat-sizes and introduce sendings-off among a new batch of rules which will take effect this year, they said. Bats will be measured with a "bat gauge" to make sure they don't exceed 108mm (4.25 inches) in width, 67mm in depth and 40mm at the edges, the Marylebone Cricket Club announced. Umpires will also be able to send players from the field -- temporarily or permanently -- for serious offences like acts of violence in the first new Code of Laws issued since 2000. A steady…

Cricket to introduce red card to send off players

Cricket is set to introduce red cards for the first time which will allow umpires to send off players for serious discipline breaches. The Marylebone Cricket Club which governs the cricket rules explained the new sanctions which need to be implemented during a meeting in Mumbai. MCC World Cricket Committee member and former Australian captain Ricky Ponting explained that sanctions needed to be implemented. "We're talking about a significant change to lower-level cricket because it has got completely out of hand down…