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mass shooting

Mass shooting:10 people shot at an apartment complex in California

CALIFORNIA: 10 people have been shot in a mass shooting at an apartment complex in San Bernardino, California. According to the police, Three victims are in severe condition while the rest are being treated in a local hospital. Though multiple shots were fired thankfully the incident hasn't resulted in any fatality. The police don't have a suspect or motive for the shooting yet, No weapons were recovered from the scene. Alysa Marie, who lives near the complex, told she heard 15-20 gunshots. “My…

Mass shooting takes place at a tournament in Florida

JACKSONVILLE: Multiple people have been killed and others injured at a mass shooting during a Madden 19 tournament at the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida. Details of what happened are still incoming, but the incident took place in the middle of a qualifying round and reportedly left at least four dead, one of which includes a suspect who appears to have shot themselves. One of the wounded includes CompLexity Gaming competitor Drini Gjoka, who escaped with a grazed thumb. There was no confirmed motive as of…

Several killed in mass shooting at US video game tournament: officials

MIAMI: Several people have been killed in a mass shooting at a video game tournament in the northern Florida city of Jacksonville, local police said Sunday, adding that one suspect was dead. "Multiple fatalities at the scene, many transported," the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office tweeted, adding that it was unclear whether there was a second possible gunman. "Stay far away from the area. The area is not safe at this time. STAY AWAY." The Miami Herald newspaper said the shooting happened at a video game tournament and…