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Bus swallowed by massive sinkhole in Multan

MULTAN: In a shocking incident, the collapse of a road near MDA roundabout in Multan created a massive sinkhole which has swallowed a Metro feeder bus. The bus tardily skidded into the chasm created at the center of the road stretch which crumbled away owing to the weight of the bus. Fortunately, no casualty happened as about a dozen people were on board, who right away got down of it as the bus began dropping off.  The complete bus was swallowed by the sinkhole except for its head spreading panic in the…

Kamal ends sit-in, announces massive protest on May 14

KARACHI: Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal on Sunday ended days long sit-in protest and announced to hold massive protest on May 14 in Karachi against the government, ARY News reported. “Rulers should give masses their rights before their hands reach their collar,” he said while addressing the protesters at Karachi Press Club. He vowed to gather one million people for protest on May 14 to pressurize the government to fulfill their 16 demands which mostly consist of basic necessities. “We are entering…

Hamid Karzai calls decision to drop massive US bomb “treason”

KABUL: Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai accused his successor on Saturday of committing treason by allowing the US military to drop the largest conventional bomb ever used in combat during an operation against Islamic State militants in Afghanistan. Karzai, who also vowed to "stand against America", retains considerable influence within Afghanistan's majority Pashtun ethnic group, to which President Ashraf Ghani also belongs. His strong words could signal a broader political backlash that may endanger the U.S. military…