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Massud Barzani

Barzani to step down as Kurdish leader in Iraq

ARBIL, IRAQ: Massud Barzani, the president of the autonomous Kurdish region in Iraq, told a closed-door session of parliament Sunday he was stepping down amid the fallout from a controversial independence referendum. "After November 1, I…

Iraq Kurds offer to freeze independence vote

ERBIL/BAGHDAD: Iraqi Kurdish leaders offered on Wednesday to freeze the outcome of last month's vote for independence, taking a step back in a major crisis that prompted Baghdad to seize swathes of disputed territory. The offer came as…

Baghad accuses Kurds of ‘declaration of war’

BAGHDAD: Baghdad said on Sunday that foreign Kurdish forces were present in the province of Kirkuk in what amounted to a "declaration of war", dramatically raising the stakes in its dispute with Iraq's Kurds. Kurdish officials denied…