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VIDEO: ‘Your kids are going to die,’ news anchor tells viewers in Hurricane Mathew warning

WASHINGTON: A Fox News' coverage of Hurricane Matthew, has sparked outrage after one if its anchor got a little carried away with state warnings on the hurricane. "Hurricane Matthew has already killed thousands in Haiti, it's travelling north onto the continental United States". Shep Smith was trying to convince residents of Florida in the hurricane's path to follow the orders of the state's governor and evactuate. Valiant as this is, his attempts have been somewhat overzealous. In one instance he gave this extreme…

Millions flee as US braces for Hurricane Matthew

WASHINGTON: The fiercest Caribbean storm in nearly a decade slammed into the Bahamas early on Thursday, intensifying as it barreled toward the southeast U.S. coast where millions of residents heeded warnings to flee inland. Roadways in Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolina were jammed and gas stations and food stores ran out of supplies as Hurricane Matthew approached, packing storm surges, heavy rain and sustained winds that accelerated overnight to around 125 miles (205 km) per hour. Matthew, which killed at…