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Mauritius president refuses to resign over financial scandal

PORT LOUIS: Mauritian President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim has refused to resign, vowing to fight allegations that saw her embroiled in a financial scandal, the presidency said in a statement on Wednesday. Gurib-Fakim, Africa's only female head of state, has been accused of using a bank card provided by an NGO to make personal purchases. Last Friday Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth announced that Gurib-Fakim had agreed to resign, with a date set for her departure after Monday's ceremony celebrating the Indian Ocean archipelago…

Mauritius prime minister resigns in favor of his son

PORT LOUIS: The 86-year-old prime minister of Mauritius has said that he would resign on Jan. 23 and hand power to his son, who is the current finance minister. Anerood Jugnauth, who has presided over steady economic growth, said in a televised speech he would continue to serve in government in another, unspecified capacity. "The time has come for the country to have a young leadership that represents the future," he said. "I ask the population to support Pravind Jugnauth as it did for me." A veteran politician,…

Malaysia says debris found in Mauritius is from missing Flight MH370

SYDNEY: Malaysia said on Friday that a piece of plane debris discovered in Mauritius was from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on board. A piece of wing debris found in Mauritius is from MH370, Australian authorities said Friday as they cautioned the discovery shed no new light on the missing passenger jet's specific location. The composite debris, recovered from the island nation in May, is the latest fragment found along western Indian Ocean shorelines…