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Mayor Karachi

Mayor of Karachi is the Mayor who heads the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) which controls the Local Government system of Karachi. The position of mayor is a ceremonial one. The current Karachi Local Government System follows Sindh Local Government Act 2013 (SLGA 2013).

The Karachi Local Government consists of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation which is subdivided into of 6 District Municipal Corporations (DMCs) which are headed by Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen. the districts or Zila of Karachi Local Government as of Sindh local government act 2013 are District Central, District West, District East, District South, Malir and Korangi.Each district is further divided into Union Committees (UCs) which are headed by Chairmen and vice chairmen. Each Union committee is further sub divided into four wards.

The Local government elections directly elect the UC chairmen/vice chairmen panel and the 4 ward members of each UC. the seats are reserved for women, non Muslim minorities, youth members and labours in a Union Committee all of which are indirectly elected by the direct election of chairman/vice chairman panel.