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Pope urges ‘decisive’ measures on Rohingya crisis

10 months, 19 days ago
DHAKA: Pope Francis on Thursday called for “decisive” international measures on the Rohingya refugee crisis as he began a visit to Bangladesh, where more than 620,000 of the Muslim minority have sought sanctuary after fleeing violence in…

Singapore rolls out tough measures to keep cars off the roads

10 months, 29 days ago
KUALA LUMPUR: In the battle against the car, space-starved Singapore has deployed road tolls, massive spending on public transport, and a licence fee that bumps the cost of an average vehicle to over $80,000. But urban planners looking…

South Korea orders battery safety measures for Samsung Note 7

2 years, 27 days ago
SEOUL: South Korea said on Thursday it ordered Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to take additional measures to ensure that batteries used in Galaxy Note 7 handsets are safe, as the firm prepares to resume sales of the smartphone in South Korea.