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Israeli forces kill three Gaza border protesters, wound 400: medics

GAZA: Israeli troops shot dead three protesters along the Gaza border on Friday, Gaza medics said, hours after the United Nations human rights chief criticised Israel for using “excessive force” against demonstrators. Israeli troops have killed 41 Palestinians and wounded more than 5,000 others since Gaza residents began staging protests along the border fence on March 30 to demand the right of return for Palestinian refugees. The troops were holed up behind fortifications on their side of the 40km (25-mile) border…

In Iraq’s Mosul, mobile clinics deliver precious medical care

MOSUL, IRAQ: Men, women and children stand in separate lines in the scorching sun baking west Mosul's Baghdad Square for a turn in one of the two white mobile clinics. For these Iraqis, displaced by fierce fighting as government forces close in on the Old City where Islamic State group militants are still entrenched, free medical care is a godsend. Advancing Iraqi forces have retaken several neighbourhoods in west Mosul, imposing a ban on driving in the areas they recapture amid fears of possible car bomb attacks by…

Strikes destroy seven hospitals in Syria’s Idlib: medics

IDLIB: Seven hospitals and clinics in northwestern Syria have been knocked out of action this month in air strikes by the regime or its ally Russia, medical sources said on Sunday. "In April, hospitals in the south of the province of Idlib were systematically targeted," Abdel Hamid Dabbak, who is in charge of hospitals in the rebel-controlled province, told a news conference. He named seven hospitals which he said were put out of service by air raids, including a gynaecological clinic. Dabbak said work to reopen the…