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Meditation helps conflict veterans with PTSD: study

They found that 60 percent of veterans who did 20 minutes of quiet meditation every day showed significant improvement in their symptoms, and more completed the study than those given exposure therapy.  "Over the past 50 years, PTSD has expanded to become a significant public health problem," Sanford Nidich, of the Maharishi University of Management Research Institute, told AFP. "Due to the increasing need to address the PTSD public health care problem in the US, UK and worldwide, there is a compelling need to…

Mindfulness meditation may work differently for men and women

LONDON: In a college course that included meditation training, women were more likely than men to report that the practice improved their mood, a small study found. Meditation is an increasingly popular form of mental training on college campuses and off. Research suggests it may reduce blood pressure, gastrointestinal symptoms, anxiety, depression and insomnia, according to the National Institutes of Health. Practitioners direct and redirect their attention to the present moment, often by focusing on their breath.…

4 proven ways that make you feel happier

At times we are so busy in our daily tiring routine that we don’t get time to think about the things that make us happy. A Swiss study suggests that there are some traits that can bring happiness and satisfaction in your life. Here are four proven ways to feel happier.