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Eureka! Japan invents Ice cream that does not melt

A lot of people really hate it when ice cream melts over their hands, while they are eating it, and create a sticky mess. Japanese scientists have stumbled upon a discovery which is going to change the game for good. アイスは8種類!!🍦🍨🌈 ALL500円です•:*+:.\( °▽° )/.:+*:•#溶けないアイス #金座和アイス #japan #tokyo #harajuku pic.twitter.com/Kt7qPuf6uh — 金座和アイス原宿店 (@kanazawaice) July 5, 2017 You have to eat quickly when it is taken out of a freezing container, but this discovery is amazingly delightful for the people who want to enjoy…