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Passenger plane crash landed into the ocean

MICRONESIA: A passenger plane has crash-landed into the ocean around the tiny Pacific island nation of Micronesia. Fortunately, it did not end in fatalities as all 47 passengers and crew survived after the pilot missed the runway. The passengers managed to escape from the plane, and locals arrived shortly on small boats to assist with the rescue operation. Some members of the crew and passengers on board have been taken to a local hospital for treatment and are undergoing checks, however, there have been no reports…

Passengers safe after Air Niugini flight crashes into sea in Micronesia

SYDNEY: A flotilla of small boats rescued all 47 passengers and crew from an Air Niugini flight that crashed into the sea short of the runway at an airport in the tiny South Pacific nation of Micronesia on Friday, the airport’s manager said.  “It was supposed to land but instead of landing it was 150 yards short and she went down,” Jimmy Emilio, general manager of Chuuk Airport at Weno in Micronesia, told Reuters by telephone. “We don’t really know what happened ... people were rescued by boats - 36 passengers and 11…

A mysterious ancient city discovered in the middle of the ocean

A mysterious ancient city has just been found some time ago off the coast of the tiny nation of Micronesia. massive stone tomb buried beneath foliage in the long-abandoned city Nan Madol may have been built for the first chief of the island of Pohnpei. The remote island of Pohnpei is home to the archaeological site of Nan Madol, yet very little is known about the area and the ruins that reside there. The city appears to be sit on top of a lagoon and consists of a series of canals and large stone walls.…