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Microwave ovens are cooking the environment: study

PARIS:¬†Small electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, kettles and hair dryers harm the environment in a dozen different ways, and consumers can do far more to reduce the impacts, researchers said Thursday. In the European Union, the electricity used by 130 million microwaves puts 7.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, equivalent to the annual emissions of nearly eight million cars, they reported in the journal Science of the Total Environment. "Electricity consumption has the biggest…

Four things you should never microwave

Never use microwave oven for a quick fix to make meal because there are certain foods, containers or mugs which could make you sick and expose you to harmful chemicals. There are many side effects of using microwave in wrong manner and here are four things¬†you should avoid heating in microwave oven. Hard-Boiled Eggs Boiling an egg in a microwave is never a good idea. Eggs absorb a lot of steam, which finds nowhere to escape. If you try hard boiling them you are likely to end up with a mess. Frozen Meat…