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Man sets Guinness record for most hamburgers eaten in a minute

MANILA: Filipino Ricardo "Rix Terabite" Francisco has gobbled his way to a new Guinness World Record for the most hamburgers eaten in one minute. Francisco, 24, polished off five burgers at the hamburger eating contest at Zark's Burgers in Manila last Monday. Asked how he felt after breaking the record, Francisco shouted, "Still hungry!" Francisco's consumption of five burgers beats the previous Guinness record of four burgers set by Peter "Furious Pete" Czerwinski, of Toronto, in July 2013.

Earth’s days getting longer, slower: study

PARIS: Earth's days are getting longer but you're not likely to notice any time soon -- it would take about 3.3 million years to gain just one minute, according to a study published on Wednesday. Over the past 27 centuries, the average day has lengthened at a rate of about +1.8 milliseconds (ms) per century, a British research team concluded in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A. This was "significantly less", they said, than the rate of 2.3 ms per century previously estimated -- requiring a mere 2.6…