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missing children

Missing Children is the major and very sensitive problem of countries federal and provincial government are making more and more efforst on missing children across the globe. Multiple rescue operations had been carried out to eliminate this issue and give a worthy punishment to the guilty one’s who are involved in child kidnapping.

Special task forces are made for the prevention of missing children. With all these efforts made by law enforcement agencies multiple recoveries have been made and many children headed back safely to their loved ones.

There are various reasons why children go missing. While child kidnapping by third party is the biggest reason, there are children who run away from home, primarily from parental control they find oppressive. Parental abductions in broken families have also been reported.

Then there are children who get separated from their families especially during disasters and there are those who lose their way to their home because of certain disability, especially mental illness.

Sindh police to launch app for reporting kidnapping incidents

KARACHI: Inspector General of Sindh Police Dr Syed Kaleem Imam on Friday directed the information technology department to create an application for dealing the incidents of kidnapping of children and those who have gone missing, ARY News reported. The Sindh IG has directed for developing the application by the end of this month. "The deputy inspector general of Crime Investigation Agency will himself look into cases of missing children," he said. Police would now work on missing children cases through modern…