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Missing Persons

Former Sindh Advisor Nawab Laghari abducted in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Former Advisor to Government of Sindh Nawab Ali Laghari allegedly kidnapped within the jurisdiction of Lohi Bher police station on Wednesday, ARY News reported. Relatives of the former provincial advisor  have filed a case in Lohi Bher police station, seeking recovery of the abductee. The family sources said that people in plain clothes, who allegedly identified themselves as security officials, came to the house and asked the victim to produce his national identity card. Upon verification, he was…

Court alarmed over soaring number of missing persons in Karachi

KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) has expressed concern over the soaring number of missing persons in Karachi and called reply from the concerned departments over the disappearances, ARY News reported on Friday. Justice Farooq Shah, while hearing missing persons case, observed that according to his information 495 petitions of missing persons have been under hearing in the high court. The complainants daily come and talk against us saying the courts not providing justice to them, the Justice observed. In such conditions…