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‘Miracle’ boy wakes moments before doctors pull plug

Alabama: A 13-year-old boy in the US state of Alabama regained consciousness just after his parents signed the paperwork to donate his organs. Trenton McKinley suffered severe brain trauma when a car trailer he was riding on flipped over and fell on his head. The teenager suffered seven skull fractures in the accident in Mobile, Alabama, in March. Doctors told his parents he would not recover and that his organs were a match for five children who needed transplants. According to his mother, Jennifer Reindl,…

‘They cannot silence us’: Kabul TV station back on air moments after attack

KABUL: A defiant Kabul TV station was back on the air Tuesday moments after the end of an attack by gunmen who had stormed the broadcaster, killing at least one person and leaving two dozen wounded. The assault on Shamshad TV by militants disguised as policemen, which was claimed by the Islamic State group, highlights the risks facing journalists who are increasingly targets in the war-torn country. After about three hours of fighting Afghan special forces overpowered the attackers, who were armed with guns and…

You can now make Twitter Moments from your phone

Stories unfold on Twitter across multiple Tweets and points of view every day. Moments allows you to bring your favourite Tweets together. This can be either your own or someone else and can give you an opportunity to share your perspective on a topic which interests you. The feature lets Twitter users collect and curate tweets into one scrollable (on desktop) or swipeable (on mobile) feed. Twitter created a Moment to explain how to build one. pic.twitter.com/q4Zf8E03Vs — Twitter (@twitter) November 29, 2016…

Scariest moments in WWE history

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), previously WWF, has been full of activity and memorable moments throughout its history, but there are certain scary moments during/after the fights in WWE that can terrify a viewer.