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Explosive device thrown into US embassy compound in Montenegro

PODGORICA: A suicide attacker blew himself up after throwing an explosive device into the US embassy compound in Podgorica, the Montenegrin government said Thursday. Authorities in Podgorica have not released any theories as to the motive for the early morning attack in Montenegro, which recently joined NATO. "In front of the @USEmbassyMNE building in #Podgorica, #Montenegro an unknown person committed suicide with an explosive device. Immediately before, that person threw an explosive device," the government tweeted,…

Trump shoves fellow NATO leader aside on his first summit

U.S. President Donald Trump muscled himself to the front of the world stage in Brussels on Thursday, firmly pushing aside the leader of soon-to-be member Montenegro at a NATO summit. Footage showing the leaders caught Trump pushing his way past Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, then confidently adjusting his suit as he emerged in the front of the group, closer to NATO head Jens Stoltenberg. Video of the incident went viral and came as Trump delivered a tough message to NATO allies to dramatically increase their defense…