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Moody’s an American financial credit rating agency. Nations requires huge amount of money to fulfill their basic obligations and to remain viable for the future with infrastructure, economic and social programs.

In many countries including developing countries taxes alone are not sufficient for this so these nations take out loan from international capital markets and award interest bearing securities also known as government bonds.

States and companies that takes out loans are called issuers this is where the rating agencies come in to play and their role as auditor of the credit worthiness of companies, financial products and governments.

They have substantial influence on international capital flows. This is particularly problematic in relation to nations. Moody’s as being a rating agency they also allot credit rating to countries. The rating reflects the probabilities of weather their borrowers will able to repay their dept.

According to Moody’s ‘AAA’ is the highest ratings whereas ‘D’ the better the ratings the lower the interest’s rates. The services by the rating agencies are originally paid by the investors who wanted to know where they can invest their money securely

Moody’s predicts Pakistan’s GDP growth to slow in FY19

KARACHI: Pakistan’s GDP growth expected to slow to 4.3 to 4.7% in current and the next fiscal year from 5.8% in FY18 due to policy measures taken to address the external imbalance, Moody’s rating agency has said in a report released on Thursday. The policymakers have tightened domestic monetary conditions to address the external imbalance, Moody’s stated. The policymakers have allowed the currency to depreciate by around 30% since the start of December last year. Moreover, to address the external imbalance, the…

Successful talks for IMF package to reduce Pakistan’s external financing risks: Moody’s

KARACHI: Successful negotiations for a new International Monetary Fund programme would reduce external financing risks for Pakistan, credit rating agency Moody’s said in its "Global Emerging Markets: Outlook" report issued on Thursday. The government of Pakistan has recently secured $6 billion package from Saudi Arabia including $3bn in deferred payments on oil and $3bn to be deposited in Central Bank, the report said. The government is seeking all sources to avert the imminent balance of payment crisis, the report…