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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa charity shocked after India babies ‘sold’

NEW DELHI: An Indian charity founded by Mother Teresa expressed outrage and regret Friday after a nun and an employee were arrested for allegedly selling infants for adoption for potentially thousands of dollars. "We are completely shocked by what has happened in our home in Ranchi (in eastern India). It should have never happened," said the Missionaries of Charity organisation, set up by the Catholic missionary nun in 1950. "It is against our moral convictions. We are carefully looking into the matter. We will take all…

Mother Teresa’s charity sold babies: Indian police

A nun and a staff member at Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in eastern India were arrested Thursday for allegedly selling babies born to unwed mothers, police said. The pair were arrested from the grounds of one of the offices of the charity in Jharkhand on charges of child trafficking, police in the state capital Ranchi said. The women could face up to five years in prison for selling a baby boy from the institution founded by the Nobel laureate, which cares for unwed pregnant women and mothers in distress.…

The most influential people in world history

The world’s history is full of influential people, some of them changed the code of life of people, some changed the face of earth by conquering it and some made remarkable discoveries. Here is the list of the world’s most influential people of all time, this list includes people who have influenced a large number of masses, a list of those who have given a code of conduct of life for the world to follow and they are highly praised by the world today even after their departure.