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UK motorists may need to take EU test in no-deal Brexit

LONDON: British motorists living in the European Union may have to take a new driving test in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the government said in technical advice published on Thursday. British mobile phone customers will also no longer be guaranteed free roaming within EU nations, according to the latest tranche of plans for managing the fallout if Brexit talks collapse. The government warned motorists that their driving licence may no longer be valid in the EU, and that those living in EU member states "may need to…

Motorists of the world take heart: even popes get flat tires

LIMA: Pope Francis may have divine inspiration but not divine inflation: on Friday he suffered what millions of ordinary people have to deal with -- a flat tire. While the pope was being driven into Lima from the airport, one of the wheels of the Fiat 500 that was taking him into the city began losing air on the highway. After his motorcade came to a halt, he calmly exited the car while his security detail surveyed the damage. Without missing a beat, he got into a black, unmarked security car behind him and continued…

Dubai police fine over 250 motorists for failing to buckle up

The Dubai Police have fined more than 250 motorists for failing to fasten their seat belts since the new traffic law came into effect on July 1. According to the amendments made to the Federal Traffic Law the fine for passengers not wearing seat belts is Dh400 per passenger. Moreover, four black points will be slapped on the driver's licence, Khaleej Times reported. A top official has said the Dubai Police will exercise leniency when penalising motorists if rear-seat passengers fail to buckle up, considering the…