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Pakistani porters: the unsung masters of the mountains

GILGIT: He is the only man ever to have scaled K2 three times, but Fazal Ali's achievements have gone largely unrecognised, like those of many of his fellow porters who risk life and limb on Pakistan’s highest peaks. As one of the few elite porters in the country specialising in high-altitude expeditions, the 40-year-old has spent nearly two decades on Pakistan's deadliest slopes -- plotting routes, lugging kit and cooking for paying clients. At 8,611 metres (28,251 feet), K2 is not quite as high as Mount Everest,…

Thirsty rocks may contain the missing water of Mars

What happened to all the water that once sloshed in lakes and oceans on Mars? Much of it, researchers proposed may be locked up in stone. Previous studies had concluded that the water was swept into space by powerful solar winds when the planet's magnetic field collapsed, while some was captured in sub-surface ice. But this did not account for all the missing water. To try to track down the rest, an international team of researchers put scientific modelling to the test. "The results revealed that the basalt…

Pakistani filmmaker creates ripples in international fraternity

Pakistan's independent filmmakers have always amazed local and international audience with their work and ability.  A talented filmmaker from Hunza Valley, Faheem Afzal, is one such example who can leave you spellbound with his amazing cinematography of snow-covered mountains, its cultures and traditions. This young muscular man with long hairs and neatly grown brown beard, a very close physical resemblance with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, has attracted world’s attention through his art, while surprisingly…