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Mr Bean

‘Goodbye Mr Bean’

The absence already keenly felt in Brussels' halls of power is the British wit made famous around the world by Monty Python and Mr Bean.

Social media posts claiming Mr. Bean is dead goes viral

A number of celebrities have fallen victim to a death hoax in the age of social media. Rowan Atkinson, who plays famous Mr. Bean, became victim of the hoax, once again. A death hoax that the 63-year-old actor died in a car crash while attempting to do a stunt has been circulating the internet. But, Mr. Atkinson is not dead. The latest viral death hoax was an attempt to spread a computer virus, according to website Hoax slayer. This is not the first time he fell victim to a hoax. The article first circulated and…

This is what Mr. Bean’s house looks like from inside

Comedy actor Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean may have been playing an ordinary guy on the screen, but in real life his standard of living has some extraordinary features. Atkinson, 61, bought Handsmooth House and its 16 acres of land in Ipsden, Oxfordshire, for £2.6million in 2006 and has spent the last decade and millions of pounds building a hi-tech 'space age petrol station' glass and steel mansion in its place. Neighbours had hoped he might restore the empty 1930s Handsmooth House, but he instead chose to replace it…

Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean looks very different to his character now

Who in the world doesn’t recognize Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean? He has been a source of laughter for many irrespective of their age. But he is not all what appears on the screen. He is a graduate from Oxford University and Newcastle University and has done his M.Sc in Electrical Engineering. Earlier this year, Atkinson revealed he is planning another 'Mr Bean' movie featuring the popular character as an old age pensioner. The 62-year-old comic thinks his friend and series co- creator, 'Love Actually' writer Richard…