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Mukti Bahini

Fall of Dhaka: Indian conspiracy that split up Pakistan in 1971

Forty-five years have passed since the Fall of Dhaka when the eastern wing of Pakistan separated after a war and became an independent state- Bangladesh as a result Indian conspiracy to disintegrate the Muslim country. Hundreds of thousands people lost their lives and displaced due to the civil war which after Indian intervention turned into a war between Pakistan and India. Neighboring India took advantage of the civil war in East Pakistan and extended its military support to the separatists which were fighting for an…

Unknown facts about Fall of Dhaka

Today marks the black day of Pakistani history as we lost our eastern wing on this day. No Pakistani can ever forget it when East Pakistan got removed from world map and Bangladesh emerged as a new state. There is a lot still unknown and untold about this saddening tragedy that people should know here are few hidden facts about Fall of Dhaka.