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HIV-positive baby dies in Russia after mum refuses treatment

MOSCOW: An investigation was launched in Russia on Monday into the death of a five-month-old HIV-positive baby whose mother refused her treatment because she believed the virus was a "myth". The woman, who has been HIV-positive for more than five years and always refused medical treatment, faces manslaughter charges and up to two years in prison in the Siberian city of Irkutsk. Investigators said the baby died in February following pneumocystis pneumonia, a form of pneumonia which causes a lung infection in people with…

Afghan mum cradling baby during university exam goes viral

KABUL: Afghan farmer Jahantab Ahmadi sits on the ground, her baby resting in her lap, as she focuses on the university entrance exam she hopes will help her fulfil her dreams. The powerful photo, taken by a professor at Nasir Khusraw private university in central Afghanistan, has gone viral after striking a chord in a country where most women are illiterate and treated as second-class citizens. VIDEO: A picture of Jahantab Ahmadi sparked an outpouring of admiration and offers of financial help for the 25-year-old…

Italy fugitive who missed his mum found in wardrobe

ROME: An Italian fugitive who spent five years on the run has been caught hiding in a wardrobe after giving himself away to police by visiting his old mum. The 49-year-old Sicilian had been serving a two-year sentence under house arrest for illegally carrying a weapon in public when he escaped in 2012, fleeing the country before returning to hide out near Rome, police said Monday. The man, who had previous convictions for robbery and narcotics, "perhaps thought the police had forgotten about him, that they were tired…