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Mumbai the city of dreams, many comes here to fulfill their dreams. Situated in the West cost of India. Mumbai formally known as Bombay it’s the commercial and financial city. Its principle port is on Arabian sea one of the largest and densely populated city where no one can say that how many people are living their within the city.

Mumbai, Home to citizen of great wealth as well as great poverty. Mumbai has become center for maritime trade with Persia and Egypt. During the early days of 21st century Mumbai had experienced various bomb attacks with in the city. Strong efforts of Law enforcement agencies have made the city secure and business friendly city. Today Mumbai servers as India’s most important hub for domestic and international trade and travel.

State bank and India’s biggest stock market is also located in Mumbai. Cricket is the heart of the city with a large number of followers. The boom town is also known as the hub of Bollywood the Indian film industry which is now become an enormous movie making, today Bollywood produces thousands of films a year.

The city has done a quite well in another sector, today every 11th or 12th diamond comes from India multiple workers cuts diamonds make them and appraise their values. the international diamond trade now inversely passes through India.

Indian man fills potholes out of love for dead son

MUMBAI: Dadarao Bilhore smoothes the road surface, rests his shovel, looks to the sky and prays for his son, one of thousands of Indians killed every year in accidents caused by potholes. Prakash Bilhore, a promising student, was just 16 when he died in July 2015 in Mumbai, India's hectic financial and Bollywood capital of 20 million people. "Dadarao Bilhore's son Prakash was travelling pillion with his cousin when the motorbike he was on hit a deep pothole, sending him flying through the air. Prakash, who…

Servant almost killed woman with ‘deadly omelette’!

MUMBAI: A 65-year-old Parsi woman's chef was arrested for feeding her deadly omelette. The elderly woman had started feeling ill after eating her meals, little did she suspect that her vomiting was not due to contaminated food, but because of rat poison. On the advice of her doctor, a piece of omelette Zeenia recently ate was sent to the FSL after she complained of nausea and loose motions.R The chef Riyaz ul Haq, alias Mandal (33), was arrested on Saturday.  The findings shocked her, it was learned Mandal had…