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12 natural muscle relaxants for a healthy body & mind

Tightening of muscles is very common, especially after new core workouts, muscle tends to experience soreness usually after heavy workout or being fixed at same positions for number of hours. Number of people try to cure this pain, by some natural remedies, but some of them are interested with easy going method of using medications. Medicines help to some extent, but the vital role here is of the posture, exercise, activity & routine. There are various grounds for muscle tightness, pain, and compact range of…

Protein may help in better muscle building: study

ONTARIO: People who regularly do resistance exercises may get stronger and build more lean muscle mass when they add more protein to their diet, a recent study suggests. Researchers examined data from 49 previously published studies with a total of 1,863 people who did muscle-building workouts like weightlifting. Participants who boosted their protein intake - whether from foods or from supplements like bars, powders and shakes - added more lean muscle mass and got stronger muscles than exercisers who didn’t add extra…