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Mustafa Kamal

Syed Mustafa kamal the former mayor Karachi, Sindh. Founder and Leader of Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP). Mustafa Kamal Born on December 27 1971, after completing his intermediate Kamal went for Associate Diploma in Business Executive Studies from Malaysia.

He was chosen Mayor Karachi by his former Party (MQM) where his work was appraised by the citizen of the city and soon he became the popular mayor of the country later Mustafa Kamal was also chosen for the World Mayor Prize in 2010.

Kamal has also served as Information Technology Minister of Sindh in 2003 – 2005. After returning from Dubai in 2013 he disclosed his plans for establishing a separate political party but did not announced the name or other details, later in 2016 Former Mayor Karachi announced the establishment of his own party to serve the people of Pakistan and he kept its name “Pak Sarzameen Party” (PSP) also disclosed the further details of the party at the press conference.

Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party participate in general elections 2018, unfortunately couldn’t succeed to gain any seat for the provincial or national assembly.