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Muzaffargarh city present in the province of Punjab founded by the Nawab Muzaffar Khan in 1794 and it was named as khangarh it was also named khangarh in the British raj later many districts were separated and added into other cities.

The district is now famous for its culture, agriculture and industrial growth, trade and political activities. The city is now consisting four districts Kot Addu, Muzaffargarh, Alipur and Jatoi river Chenab flows in the East of the city and river Sindh in the West.

With the population of more than 4 million the city is covers 8,250 kilometers. Saraiki is spoken as the local language of the city Punjabi and Urdu is also spoken in the city. Muzaffargarh is famous for its production of Dates, Mangos and Pomegranate the city also has the best irrigation system in the country.