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Myanmar military

Myanmar military chiefs should be prosecuted for Rohingya ‘genocide’: UN investigators

Investigators working for the UN's top human rights body say top Myanmar military leaders should be prosecuted for genocide against Rohingya Muslims. The United Nations does not apply the word “genocide” lightly. The fact-finding team’s assessment suggests the crimes against the Rohingya could meet the strict legal definition — which was last met over crimes in Bosnia and Rwanda nearly a quarter-century ago. The call, accompanying a first report by the investigators, amounts to some of the strongest language yet from…

US lawmakers seek to slap new sanctions on Myanmar military

WASHINGTON: United States lawmakers proposed sanctions on Friday against Myanmar's military, in some of the strongest efforts yet by Washington to pressure the Southeast Asian nation to end abusive treatment of its Rohingya Muslim minority. House Republicans and Democrats introduced legislation that would curtail assistance or cooperation with Myanmar's military and require the White House to identify senior military officials who would have US visa bans imposed or reimposed against them. A bipartisan group in the…