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National accountability bureau (NAB) is a federal institution established on November 16th 1999 by national accountability ordinance. Federal executive agency of government with mandate to deal with corruption prevention. NAB headquarters is present in federal capital Islamabad.

National Accountability Bureau is operational under two bodies, Chairman & prosecutor general of Accountability in Pakistan. Chairman serves four-year term and is head of the investigation. First NAB Chairman was Lt-Gen Syed Mohammad Amjad between 1999 and 2000 whereas present chairman is Justice (R) Javed Iqbal.

the NAB is authorized to undertake any essential steps for the preclusion of corruption and spread awareness among citizen. Since its formulation National Accountability bureau has recovered $4 Billion until now, which include politicians, business personals and armed forces officers. NAB was specially designed to investigate and stop white collar crime which is the base for degrading any countries economy

according to a research published by NAB in 2011, the institution has recovered Rs 119.5 Billion from bank defaults and provided Rs 60billion to restructured the banks. Form 2018 NAB has increased their efforts against big defaulters involved directly or indirectly into white collar crime. National Accountability Bureau has recovered millions of dollars until date and still aim to recover billions from the defaulters.