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Doctors find 122 nails in Ethiopian’s stomach

ETHOPIA: Ethiopian doctors extracted over a hundred iron nails and other sharp objects from the stomach of a patient in the capital Addis Ababa at the weekend. Dawit Teare, a surgeon at St. Peter's Specialised Hospital, said the 33-year-old patient suffers from mental illness and had apparently consumed the items, including 122 four inch (10 centimetre) nails, four pins, a toothpick and pieces of broken glass. "The patient has been suffering from mental illness for the last 10 years and had stopped taking his…

5 shocking facts you want to know about ‘death’

No one wants to talk about death. In fact, just by saying the word death, you can get goosebumps. However, researchers across the world in their own fields have studied it from their own perspectives. Following are five research results that you would want to know about death. 1-Decaying human body smells (sickly) sweet What the stench of death is like? A latest study found that the smell of human decomposition resembles five esters, organic compounds that react with water to produce alcohols and acids.…