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Naimal Khawar

Naimal Khan full named Naimal Khawar Khan is a well know Pakistan model and actress born on November 20th in Khyber Pakhtoonkhoa Naimal has 4 siblings including two sisters and two brothers. After completing her earlier education Naimal when to LUMS for her Bachelor’s degree in visual arts.

Naimal Khawar also loved to paint and had painted many portraits, her first ever appearance in the film industry was from movie named “Verna” in 2017 she was appeared in a supporting role later she was also seen in many dramas.

The actress recently got married with a well know Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi both the couple are currently living in Karachi after they had tie the knot. Naimal Khawar Khan before her wedding also revealed to quit the showbiz and also said it was totally her decision to quit the industry.