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Samouni Road: Gaza massacre film earns rave reviews at Cannes

CANNES: A "devastating" film about the massacre of an extended Palestinian family in Gaza by Israeli forces in 2009 has been hailed by critics at the Cannes film festival. Italian filmmaker Stefano Savona spent nine years trying to piece together what happened when a farming community in the north of the Gaza Strip was razed by Israeli special forces, killing 29 civilians mostly huddled together in one house. The wounded -- largely women and children -- were left for three days before the Red Cross could get to them.…

Nakba: trauma of the Palestinian exodus 70 years ago

Palestinians commemorate every May 15 the Nakba, Arabic for "catastrophe", the 1948 creation of Israel and war surrounding it that forced thousands from their homes to which they still demand the right to return. More than 760,000 Palestinians either fled or were forced off land claimed by the new state as Israeli forces razed more than 400 towns and villages, the exodus creating huge numbers of refugees spread across the region. Here is some background. Exodus Demands for a Jewish homeland after the Nazi's World…