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Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat one of the most dangerous and hazardous peaks of the world where climbers around the world risk their life to reach the peak but not all got succeeded and few lost their lives. Located in the Diamer district of Gilgit Baltistan region Pakistan. It is the combination of peaks the tallest peak is also known as cement pack or main pack.

Being 8126-meter-high it is Pakistan’s second highest peak and 9th highest in the world but climbing Nanga Parbat is much difficult than climbing Mount Everest. One of the well-known climber of the world had also stated Nanga Parbat is the most dangerous and un-predictable mountain in the world.

He also said that it will never give you a second chance even a very little mistake will lead to death. The mountain from the peak is totally sharped and rough even the snow cannot stay on them and it floats down the surface the peak is always naked that’s why it is named Nanga Parbat.

French climber rescued on Pakistan’s Nanga Parbat flies home

GILGIT BALTISTAN: The French mountaineer who was saved in a daring night-time rescue on a Pakistan peak nicknamed "killer mountain" Nanga Parbat flew home Tuesday, vowing to come back to scale other mountains. Elisabeth Revol was rescued by an elite group of Polish climbers who scaled part of the 8,125 metres (26,660 feet) mountain Nanga Parbat in darkness overnight Saturday and Sunday to reach her. They were unable to reach a second climber, Polish national Tomek (Tomasz) Mackiewicz, however, making the "terrible and…

Polish rescue team finds missing French climber on ‘Killer Mountain’

ISLAMABAD: After an exhausting night ascent a rescue mission found the French mountaineer Elisabeth Revol on the slopes of Nanga Parbat, also known as Killer Mountain, but a Polish climber who had been with her remained missing, Poland’s winter climbing team said. Revol and her climbing companion, Tomasz Mackiewicz, had called for help on Friday from about 7,400 meters up Pakistan’s second highest peak, the 8,126 meter (26,660 feet) Nanga Parbat. A team of elite Polish climbers, who had been attempting the first winter…

Army begins operation to rescue foreign mountaineers at Nanga Parbat

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Army has started operation for rescue of the two foreign mountaineers who went missing at Nanga Parbat mountain on Saturday. Media wing of Pakistan's armed forces, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said, "An operation is in progress in response to a request for rescue of one male and one female foreign mountaineers who are stuck in bad weather at Nanga Parbat." It comes a day after Elisabeth Revol, from France, and Polish national Tomek Mackiewicz were spotted through binoculars by fellow…

Two alpinists go missing on ‘Killer Mountain’ Nanga Parbat

ISLAMABAD: Two alpinists, a Spaniard and an Argentinian, have gone missing while attempting to summit a peak in northern Pakistan nicknamed "Killer Mountain", mountaineering experts said on Tuesday. "Alberto Zerain, a Spanish alpinist, and Mariano Galvan, an Argentinian national, went missing while trying to climb Nanga Parbat," the world’s ninth highest mountain, said Alpine Club of Pakistan spokesman Karrar Haidri. Muhammad Iqbal, owner of Summit Karakorum, the tour operating company that had arranged the climb, said…

Who is Ali Sadpara?

Ali Sadpara on February 26 became one of three mountaineers in the world to make the first-ever successful winter ascent of Nanga Parbat, which at 8,126 metres is Pakistan's second highest mountain, and the world's ninth highest.