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Nasrullah Shaji

Siraj, Baloch express grief over demise of Nasrullah Shaji, Sufyan Asim

LAHORE: Ameer of Jamat e Islami (JI), Siraj ul Haq has expressed his immense grief over the demise of a student Sufyan Asim and JI leader, Nasrullah Shaji - ARY News reports. According to details, Siraj ul Haq expressed his sorrows over the demise of a student Sufyan Asim and JI leader Nasrullah Shaji, who drowned into Kunhar River near Balakot, earlier today. Siraj prayed for the forgiveness of their sins and heightening of their stages in the hereafter. He also expressed his heartfelt sympathies for the families of both…

JI leader Nasrullah Shaji drowned in river while saving student

BALAKOT: Former member of Sindh Assembly and Jamaat Islami leader Nasrullah Shaji was drowned  while trying to save a student fell in the river here, ARY News reported on Monday. Deputy leader of Jamaat Islami Karachi, Nasrullah Shaji, drowned in Kunhar River in Mansehra district, while saving a student who fell into the river. The JI leader, who is principal of a school of  Karachi, had brought a group of students of his school for an educational trip to Mansehra’s historic Balakot town. A 10-grader fell into Kunhar…